How to be an Online Sports Bettor in India

Gambling activities are illegal in most parts of India, but online gambling may be open for more as no law makes it illegal. For this reason, online betting’s popularity is on the rise, with the most popular sports being horse racing and cricket. Online bettors in India may face the challenge of currency acceptability, but some casinos accept Indian Rupees. Below are some of the steps to follow if you are interested in betting online in India 2020.

Open an Account

The first step in online betting is registering an account with a bookmaker. You should research for online platforms that accept bettors from India. The best choice, in this case, is choosing the ones who accept deposits in Rupees to avoid additional processes. Also, ensure that the site you choose is legit to avoid falling into scammers’’ trap. Look for online reviews about a casino or get advice from friends who are already into online betting.

You can also consider the range of sports offered by the bookie, especially the most popular sports in India. Cricket is very popular in India, meaning you can increase your chances of winning due to a better knowledge of the sport. A platform offering the sport is the right choice, but you should also consider the other sports available for betting as well as additional features like live betting.

The documents you need to open a betting account in India Are A valid email address, your identity card and personal details such as your name and your physical address. Opening an account will take a few minutes, and betting can start soon after you make your first deposit.

Choose Your Proffered Payment Method

Most of the casinos will have a variety of payment methods, but most may not work for a person in India. Options such as MasterCard and Visa may not work for you, but you can make use of eWallets to make both deposit and withdrawal transactions.

If the platform does not accept Indian Rupees, you can deal with another currency such as USD or the British Pound. Your e-wallet will allow the exchange of currency after depositing your Indian Rupees. Using an e-Wallet is a way of increasing your variety of betting platforms and search for favourable odds. It is also possible to convert your winnings into Indian Rupees and withdraw money from your e-Wallet to your Indian bank account.