Can you make a lot of money from betting?


Just like online casino, sports betting is a risky activity, and the chances of winning or losing are the same. It makes no point betting with an aim of making money. This is because that money creates frustration for the loser, and is used to “entertain” the winner. Winning a bet often gives the bettor confidence to push his limits and stake more money, which results in the bettor losing his or her money, and become frustrated.

Reasons Against Betting to make Money

After investing a lot of money into betting for some time, you lose a couple of bets, but you are generally positive. Therefore, you don’t care much about it, until you get to a point where you have lost more money than you have lost. At this stage, most bettors try to make a rough estimate of how much they have lost, and instead try to bet a couple more times to try to avert the situation and recover what they’ve lost.

Betting to Recover Losses

Betting to recover your lost stake could result in two scenarios. You could fortunately recover your money, or you could ultimately lose the money too. If you recover the money and generate profits, it is impossible to stop at that point in time. Instead, the bettor will be confident again to keep placing more bets, and the cycle continues. On the other hand, if you unfortunately lose the money that you were using to recover your money, you will end up with no single coin in your pocket, which will result in you quitting in the long run.


Basically, in betting, there is no sure winner. Unless you choose to work in the betting affiliation (a real job!), taking as reference, for example, specialized companies such as, everything depends with luck. And whether you win or lose, the betting company has to take a part of your proceedings. More so, betting is highly addictive, and in most cases, the only thing that can make a person to quit betting is their circumstances. Betting is better off as a fun activity, other than a money-making activity.